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Helping My Child Cope With Change Workshop

What to expect at our workshops


Early Days workshops are interactive and held in small groups.

We give families the opportunity to share ideas by providing time for you to chat with each other and voice any concerns you may have about your child in a safe environment.

Your workshop will be run by a highly skilled and experienced early childhood professional or therapist. During the workshop, you can take notes and fill out a workbook about your child and family which we will provide, and you can take home. 

We are an obligation-free and impartial service that can help you initiate positive discussions and advocate for both yourself and your child when dealing with service providers, early childhood services, schools, and health professionals.

View the workshop schedule to register for this topic.

Topics covered during the workshop

  • Understanding why change is so difficult.

  • How change impacts young children on the autism spectrum.

  • Strategies for preparing for change in everyday situations.

In this video from the Raising Children Network, parents of children on the autism spectrum talk about structure and day-to-day family life.


Feedback from parents

‘Presenters were very knowledgeable and allowed us to discuss issues specific to us. They used their knowledge to help us to implement new ideas.’

‘Great learning day. Every little bit helps the journey.’

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