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Workshops for Families from Culturally and Linguistically
Diverse Backgrounds and their Communities

What to expect at our workshops

To request a workshop please contact the autism organisation in your state here. Alternatively, you can contact the Early Days National Coordinator Lynda Melville any time.

Early Days workshops for culturally and linguistically diverse families are interactive and held in small groups. Workshops are tailored for your family or community needs.


We give families the opportunity to share ideas by providing time for you to chat with each other and voice any concerns you may have about your child in a safe environment.


We are an obligation-free and impartial service that can help you initiate positive discussions and advocate for both yourself and your child when dealing with service providers, early childhood services, schools, and health professionals.


You will be given the option to take notes during the session and to fill out a workbook about your child and family.​​

Topics covered

  • Diagnostic pathways

  • Connecting and linking with community services

  • Insight into children on the autism spectrum
    and their family.


Your workshop will be run by a highly skilled and

experienced early childhood professional or therapist.

Feedback From Parents


Great workshops. Very informative. Clear and easy to engage with facilitator and other participants.


Always learning something new! I’ve learnt so much today - thank you!

25.02.2021 - Palmerston Parents and Care
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