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  • Who are Early Days workshops for?
    Parents, grandparents and carers of young children aged 0-6 years are welcome to participate in the Early Days program. All of our workshops (face to face events) and webinars (online workshops) are free to attend and held in each state and territory. Parents are also welcome to bring a support person for themselves (or child) to our face to face workhsops. Download an overview of the seven different workshops here.
  • Are the workshops free?
    Yes! All workshops are free. To attend a workshop follow these simple steps: View the workshop schedule to choose your topic Click the "register here" link Complete the registration form Receive a confirmation of the event details via email
  • My child isn't diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, can I still attend?"
    Yes! Early Days workshops are suitable for parents who have concerns about their child but have not received a formal diagnosis. The workshops are designed to support parents and families with children on the autism spectrum, those who are going through the process of getting a diagnosis and parents or grandparents who simply have concerns for their child.
  • My child is older than 6, can I still attend?"
    Early Days workshops are designed for parents of children aged 6 and under. We recommend contacting the autism organisation in your state to find out more about the support and services available for children over the age of 6.
  • What happens at the workshops? Will I be required to speak about my child?
    Early Days workshops are held in small groups and participation is encouraged but only if you are comfortable doing so. Parents have reported that thisinteraction with other families, sharing experiences, is one of the best aspects of attending an Early Days workshop. At the workshop you'll be provided with a customised workbook. You'll be taking basic notes and filling in details about your child to help with strategies and plans for success. You can take this booklet home along with other resources provided by the workshop facilitator.
  • Is childcare available?
    Childcare is not usually provided unless stated otherwise. Children may be welcome at workshops, and we recommend contacting the workshop organiser to confirm.
  • Can I attend more than one workshop?
    Yes! You can attend any face to face event and online workshop as many times as you like. There is no set order, you can decide which topic is relevant to you and your family. If a workshop you're interested in isn't scheduled, check back regularily as we update the calendar frequently. Alternatively, contact the autism organisation in your state to find out when it might next be scheduled.
  • Some workshops are split across 2 or more times, should I attend all?"
    Workshop organisers encourage attendance at all sessions so that you're able to complete the full workshop. If you're unsure, contact the organiser to discuss your options.
  • There is a webinar on in another state, can I attend?"
    Yes! Early Days webinars are open to anyone in Australia regardless of where they live. We recommend making a note of the workshop start time as it could be in different time zone than your own.
  • Why are Early Days webinars not recorded?
    To uphold privacy, Early Days webinars are not recorded. The success of our webinars comes from creating connections, live Q&A and customising content for each and every group of parents we meet.
  • I'm a professional working with a service provider, can I attend a workshop?"
    Parents and families will benefit from attending Early Days workshops. Professionals and educators working in the community will benefit from reading our quick reference guide: Early Days Journey to find out how they can easily recommend Early Days to the families they support. In addition to this, you can request a tailored workshop for your community or colleagues by contacting the Early Days National Coordinator Lynda Melville via or phone 0408 798 466.
  • How can I contact someone at the Early Days program?
    For general enquiries please email If you have a question about workshop dates and times, please contact the autism organisation hosting the event. If you would like to speak with the Early Days National Coordinator Lynda Melville, please email or phone 0408 798 466.
  • Is Early Days on Facebook?
    Yes! We invite you to follow us @earlydaysworkshopsAU
  • How is Early Days funded?
    This initiative is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.
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