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Prepare your child for traveling these holidays with advice from Raising Children.

Some children can find travelling scary and unfamiliar, but there are things you can do to prepare your child.

Visit Raising Children for tips to keep your trip as relaxed as possible during these holidays. The article includes the following tips for preparing your child for the journey:

You could talk to your child about:

  • where you’re going – for example, ‘We’re going to visit Grandma and stay at her house'

  • what it will be like – for example, ‘It’s going to be warm and sunny and we’ll be able to swim in the sea’

  • how long you’re going for – for example, ‘We’re going for a week, so we’ll be away for 7 sleeps’

  • how you’ll get there – for example, ‘We’re going to drive there. We’ll leave after breakfast and we’ll get there at dinner time’.

For autistic children, it can help to explain what your child can expect when travelling. For example, if you’re flying, talk to your child about the security screening process so that they know what’s going to happen.

To read more, visit the Raising Children website.


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