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Early Days Program Update

The Early Days* program has been addressing the needs of parents and other family members caring for young children under 7 years on the autism spectrum for the past decade.

In these uncertain times we want you to know we are still here for you.

The Early Days providers across Australia remain committed to ensuring families still have access to our team of facilitators with extensive knowledge and expertise in autism. This will be achieved by offering the Early Days workshops as webinars and/or family telephone consultations.

We see this an opportunity to extend our reach and hope to link in with more families. The webinar platform is not geographically restricted, meaning you can connect in from across the country.

This may be challenging as it is new journey for all, however we’re willing to give it a go and hope you are too.

We look forward to connecting with you in this new space and hope you continue to seek our support and utilise this valuable resource. If you require assistance please email.

Lynda Melville National Co-ordinator Early Days

*The Early Days program is funded by the Department of Social Services under the Helping Children with Autism package


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