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Upcoming Darwin workshops

Darwin families - register now!

We have two Early Days workshops on Tuesday 20 July. Our workshops are free to attend however registrations are essential as places are limited.

Encouraging Interaction Through Play & Social Learning

Mimik-Ga Centre, 09:00am

- Understand the importance of play

- Learn ways to incorporate play into everyday life

- Learn fun practical strategies that encourage interaction with your child

- Build on your child’s current interests.

Developing My Child’s Independence Skills (Eating Issues)

Mimik-Ga Centre, 12:00pm

- Understand the importance of developing independent eating habits in young children.

- Identify eating challenges and concerns that may be a problem for your child.

- Make a plan and develop strategies for your child.

Keep up to date with all our events via our Facebook page and if you have any questions about these events email

We look forward to meeting you in Darwin soon!

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash


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