Practical Skills Workshops

Developing my child's independence skills 



Topics covered:

  • Understanding why everyday self-care skills can be hard for a child with ASD.

  • Teaching strategies for all skills.

  • Tips for specific skill areas i.e. eating, sleeping, toileting etc…

Helping my child cope with change



Topics covered:

  • Understanding why change is hard and how it impacts on young children with ASD.

  • Strategies for preparing for change in everyday situations.

Encouraging Interaction through play and social learning



Topics covered:

  • Understanding Play, social learning and ASD.

  • Understanding the types of play.

  • Strategies to scaffold and encourage play development.

Progression to school



Topics covered:

  • The importance of working as a transition team.

  • Tips and ideas to help you ready your child for school.

  • Funding options.

Online Workshops


Additional Early Days online workshops are provided by the Parenting Research Centre's eLearning Hub to complement the face to face workshops. It is highly recommended that you complete a foundation workshop before registering for the online workshops.


You can participate in an online workshop individually, in your own time. If you need to leave the workshop at any time, you can come back to where you left off.


Topics include:

  • Building your resilience to stress

  • Managing stress

  • Supporting siblings

  • Video modelling

  • Self-management

  • Sleep

  • Fathers

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